Columbia Mothers of Multiples Club

A Support Group for Mothers of Twins, Triplets, Quads or More

Columbia, MO and Surrounding Areas

Established in 1980

President: Catherine Miller

(573) 268-7789


When are the Monthly Meetings Held?
7:00 p.m. on the first Thursday of every month, unless an event is planned.

Where are the Meetings Held?
Community United Methodist Church

Fellowship Hall
3301 W. Broadway, Columbia, Missouri
(across from Hy-Vee)

What does the Columbia Mothers of Multiples Club offer?

  1. Monthly Meetings, which include guest speakers, open discussion and sharing.  Past speakers include pediatrician, photographer, self-defense instructor, marriage counselor, and many more!  We provide plenty of time to chat with others over snacks.  We also offer childcare, with advance notice.

  1. Monthly Newsletters, which provide information on upcoming events, helpful tips, for sale/wanted ads, and more.

  1. Online Support.  Can’t get to a meeting?  We have online forums where you can post questions, chat, find others with similar challenges and much more!

  1. Garage Sales.  CMOMS has two garage sales per year.  Members get to pre-shop the night before the sale opens to the public.

  1. Stork’s Club. Stork Club is a special gathering to support pregnant members or members with multiples that are 6 months old or younger. Any regular members of CMOMS are welcome to attend if you wish to come and offer your support and expertise to these expectant or new mommies.Stork Club meets at 6:00p.m. on the first Thursday of every month at the West Broadway


  1. Special Events, such as MOMS Night Out, Annual Holiday Party, Play Groups, Friendship Tea and Silent Auction, and much more.

  1. Expectant Mothers Welcome.  Check out CMOMS while your expecting.  After the babies are born, it is hard to get to the meetings for the first few months.  Joining while you are expecting allows you to make some connections and find out some information.  We also have new member packets that provide helpful information on what you need for raising multiples.

  1. Outreach Program.  CMOMS helps provide meals to MOMS on bed rest, as well as new MOMS.  We also help provide encouragement and friendship when you need it most!

  1. Support Within the Club- Bereavement Support for Mothers that have lost one or more of their multiples.

  1. Membership to National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs

  1. Membership to Missouri Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs

How much are dues?

Dues are $25 annually.  Limited scholarships are available.